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A gardening enthusiast can get all the equipment and paraphernalia that they would need for their garden at the Home Depot store in the gardening section. All kinds of machinery for gardening like rakes and pruners, shovels, clippers, and shears are available here in the gardening section of the Home Depot Store. One can also get seeds, plants and plant products, fertilizers, pest control products and any other fancy stuff for your garden. You can get yourself stuff to do a good landscaping job, watering equipment, and decorations for your garden at this store. Gardening tips and books on gardening are also available here.

Tips on planting According to the expert tips of the Home Depot, it is better to plant flowers on a day when the sky is overcast and it may rain instead of on a warm sunny day. The rain will do the plants a lot of good. So it is better to plant the new plants for the year and the perennial plants before the last frost date for he season. Perennials should be planted during the early fall in the North, and during the late fall in the South.

How to choose your new plants It will help to be careful while choosing your new plants. do not buy plants that are wilted and discolored and with spindly stems, but select those that have a healthy foliage and with short and sturdy stems and only a few flowers to start with. To repot it you will have to knock the old pot off and then disentangle the roots before you plant them in the soil. this way the roots will spread out better. It is also better to pinch all the flowers and buds off so that the plant can use all its energy in developing firm and healthy roots instead of putting all its nutrients into the flowers in the beginning. This way you will get a better crop of flowers later.

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